Employee Referral

IntelliPeople has designed to reward individuals who assist in building IntelliPeople’s business through quality referrals for consultants

To be eligible for such a reward, a IntelliPeople employee must register their Referral of a candidate by submitting a completed Personal Referral Form to the Human Resources Department at headquarters prior to the time that any interviews are arranged or conducted by and between the Referral Candidate and IntelliPeople. Further, the individual making the referral must be actively employed with IntelliPeople (on the payroll) at the time the registration of the Referral Candidate is made

The Human Resources Department will ensure that the Referral and any additional information are forwarded to Accounting Department for payment. Any Referrals received for a Candidate after an interview has been conducted may be disallowed

When a Referral Candidate is hired.

IntelliPeople will pay the referral bonus based on the criteria set up, but reserves the right to change the amounts, terms and conditions at any time:

The determination of who is eligible for a Referral Bonus is at the sole discretion of IntelliPeople management. If more than one employee provides the same referral, at IntelliPeople management’s sole discretion, the Bonus may be split among the employees.

If a Consultant /employee is hired successfully, the referred employee will be rewarded $1000.00 after 90 days following the newly referred employee’s start date with IntelliPeople.

In addition, a grand prize drawing will be held each calendar year in December. Each person that made a successful multiple referrals for that calendar year will be included in the drawing. The lucky winner will receive a $2500.00 check in December.

Employees who are basically responsible for hiring, recruiting or marketing division personnel or company’s management personnel eligible for claiming separately a recruitment commission / bonus are not eligible for this Referral bonus program.
All referral rewards are subject to applicable federal, state and local tax withholdings.

Note: IntelliPeople reserves the right to modify this program at any time.

Referral Bonus Claim form

Name :


Date of Referral done Name of Candidate referred Contact Phone Main Skill Level Date of hire Start date of Project Date Referral Bonus Amount Claimed

Signature of person claiming referral Amount: ____________________

Verified & Recommended by HR Manger : ______________________

Approved for payment:

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